Hi - my name is Rachel Painting and I am a self-taught Kerikeri, New Zealand based artist.

About five years ago I had a yearning to draw a face...I had not picked up a pencil since high school, a long time ago.

 This want to draw again evolved into a never-ending journey of learning all I could about any art form I could get my hands on and the realization that creating art brings me such joy. There are few things that can compete with getting so immersed in a piece and singing (out of key) at the top of your voice whilst you are creating. And that moment that the piece comes alive is an amazing experience.



It is hard to narrow down my mediums and subjects but if I could only ever draw again in one medium and one subject area then it would have to be faces. I love faces - ones that tell a story or have something about them that radiates out. The medium would be the humble pencil. I enjoy the control a pencil has and how you can transform a series of marks into a character - I will never tire in watching the transformation from a blank page into one that has something to say.


As you can tell I am traipsing through many mediums and subjects - the possibilities are endless and I find it very hard to stop my head getting turned continuously to all manner of sights and ideas...



Have a wander through my art space and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have - I hope you enjoy my art as much as I have enjoyed creating it.